About Flycricket's Sponsorship Beta

Why is Flycricket showing ads?

Flycricket hosts websites for thousands of apps completely free of charge. To keep our service free for most, and low-cost for pro users, we need to earn some extra revenue to pay for ever-increasing server costs. In the past, we've shown a 'Built by Flycricket' badge, which wasn't useful to most visitors (app users). Now, we're looking into alternative ad formats to show off great apps and services that are more valuable to visitors and sponsors.

How can I remove ads from my Flycricket site?

Upgrade your site to Pro for just $15/year and ads will be removed. You'll also get all kinds of other great features too! See our full pricing here.

Where are you showing ads?

We're trialing ads on Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages only. If we find a tasteful way to design ads for app Landing Pages, we may trial ads there as well. Until then, we'll continue to show the simple 'Built by Flycricket' badge on Landing Pages.

What kind of ads will you show on my site?

Note: Flycricket Pro users will never have ads or sponsorships on their site.

If you are a free user, you may see various ads appear on your privacy policy page. We are currently experimenting with the following formats:

  • Badges (similar to the existing 'Built by Flycricket' badge)
  • Custom header banners and inline banners
  • Standard Google Adsense formats

We do not have plans to use any popovers, videos, interstitials, or any other disruptive ad formats.

Can I promote my app or service on Flycricket sites?

Yes! We currently reach over 175,000 app users per month, and are experimenting to determine sponsor success and value. If you're interested in an inexpensive trial to help with our experiment, please contact us.

Interested in promoting your app to hundreds of thousands of app users?