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See a live example of a no-code website created in Flycricket.

Pixel-perfect designs. No code required.

Don't worry about hiring a designer, tweaking templates or customizing CSS. Our online editor gets you up and running with no code required.

Deploy with a custom domain in 1 click.

Create & deploy your site with no hosting required. Use a subdomain or set up your own custom domain in just a few easy steps.

Videos, Screenshots, Reviews, and more!

Add content to your site using our responsive one-click templates. Want to keep things simple with just a hero? That's cool too :)

Flycricket is freaking AWESOME!! I have done all the website setup for my app and it took less than an hour. - G. Fang, developer of SmartSwan

Host Your Privacy Policy

Publish a privacy policy to your Flycricket website in a single click through our online editor.

Increase Download Conversions

Give your desktop visitors the option to send a download link directly to their device to avoid the App Store dead-end.

Track Visitors & Messaging Performance

Add your own Google Analytics tag, or use our built-in analytics to iterate on your messaging and increase download conversions.

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